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The Medi-Facial is designed to promote repair and remodeling of the skin while restoring radiance and beauty-all without trauma. Medi-Facials increase collagen and elastin, remove toxins and debris, increase firmness, and restore moisture. All facials are specifically customized to you and your skin care goals.

NeurotriS SX-3800


Are you wary of surgical cosmetic procedures? Worried about the possible side effects of Botox and/or dermal fillers? Afraid of results you will not like and will not be able to easily reverse? The NeurotriS SX-3800 Microcurrent treatment is a safe and effective alternative to these invasive cosmetic procedures.

Products I Live By

People often ask what I, an aesthetician, really do to take care of my skin. Here I’ll walk you through my current program and explain why I use the products I do.
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